Submit the Following:

  1. A completed Commercial Building Application and Special Inspections Form. (Please note Lackawaxen Township does not perform any accessibility related plan reviews or inspections. You must download PA Department of Labor and Industry Form UCC-3. On their application, under application type, check the box that reads Accessibility Only Review. Then follow their directions. Also, you must contact Lackawaxen Township to obtain an Accessibility Certification Disclosure Statement prior to sending your Labor and Industry application in.
  2. Three (3) Site Plans
  3. Three (3) sets of signed and sealed construction drawings (Note: all drawings must be signed and sealed by a Pennsylvania Registered Design Professional unless all of the following apply:
    • Proposed work only involves remodeling or alterations to an existing building
    • Proposed work does not change means of egress or make structural changes
    • The person preparing plans is not compensated for the preparation of the drawings
  4. Contractors Insurance and Workers Compensation Information

Please submit the following if applicable:

  • Copy of active Sewage Permit
  • Copy of the active Zoning Approvals
  • Copy of State Highway Occupancy Permit

Once all the preceding information has been submitted to Lackawaxen Township the construction drawings and documents will be reviewed for code compliance. If the drawings are found to be in compliance with current code, a Building Permit will be issued. If the plans are found to be deficient, the applicant will be provided with a list of items that will need to be corrected. The construction documents will then need to be resubmitted for another review.

Please Note: A Building Permit will Not be issued by Lackawaxen Township until Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry grants Accessibility approval. Please provide a copy of the approval to Lackawaxen Township.