Residential Deck Submittal Guide Permit Requirements

American Wood Council DCA6 2015

Building Permits are required for all new or replacement dects with a raised floor surface. Unattached decks that sit directly on the ground do not require a building permit.

Zoning Permits are reqired for all new decks. Replacement decks that are identical in size to the original do not require a zoning permet. A detailed sketch plan (see example) must be submitted for us to make a determiniation.

Permit Application

Complete all applicable sections of the building and zoning applications. Any areas left blank by applicant will result in delay of issuance of permits. Submit applications along with building and site plans. Also, if a contractor is being used, a certificate of worker’s compensation insurance must be submitted along with the applications. If a contractor has no employees, submit the notarized affidavid of exemption that is provided by the township.

Permit Fees

Building permit fee is $54.00 per deck
Zoning Permit fee is $50.00 per deck
Reinspection fee is $50.00 per reinspection